RIP Google Reader

Good grief, Google.

With the death of Google Reader, I’m starting to question my reliance on Google products. Here are the ones I use most frequently:

Google Maps
Google Reader

Google Search
Google Drive
Google Calendar
Google Analytics
Google Voice
Google Hangouts

What are the alternatives?

Feedly looks promising, but the site seems to be overwhelmed by traffic. And what’s their plan to monetize the service? I want to use a service that will be around for a while.
NewBlur also looks promising, but it’s going to take them a while to scale to handle the traffic migrating from Google Reader.

Here’s the bottom-line: I’m going to stop relying on Google services. Google doesn’t value me (or anyone else) as a customer. To them we are data they can sell to advertisers.

My first is to dump Chrome and move back to Safari.

See ya later Google.

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