Coda 2 Tab Between Split Windows

I just spent about an hour searching the internet trying to figure out the keyboard shortcut to tab (or move) between the split windows within a tab in Coda 2. After looking through the Apple shortcuts, I finally found one that works:

Control + Tab

It’s so simple. But there’s a catch. To get this to work you first must open another tab before opening the Terminal window.


1. Create a new tab/document
2. Add a new split Document or Preview window
3. Add a new split Terminal window
4. Close the second Document or Preview

At this point you should be able to Control + Tab between the Document window and the Terminal window. It’s not ideal, but it works when needed.

On a related note, I’m interested to see what Panic has up their sleeve for Coda 2.5. It should be released soon.

3 thoughts on “Coda 2 Tab Between Split Windows

  1. Ben

    Either I’m following your steps wrong or this doesn’t work. When I press Control + Tab while in the document pane, I get a blue highlight around the X icon on its bottom left. If I keep pressing Control + Tab, it cycles through the elements next to the X—the hide sidebar, gear, share, and airpreview icons. No switching between panes. 🙁

    1. Kevin Post author

      Coda 2 is pretty fickle about this, but usually if the Terminal window is the middle window, Control + Tab will work once you close the bottom document/preview.

      Let me know how it goes for you.


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