Launching Active Trackers

I’m excited to announce the release of Active Trackers. Active Trackers is a web app that allows you to track pushups and pullups (more exercises to come). It’s free to use, but for $4.99/year you can create private groups to challenge your friends and family.

I started building Active Trackers in April 2020. The pandemic had just started and I wanted to find a new way to track my fitness progress. I also wanted to create an app to get a chance to really dive deeper into the Laravel PHP framework.

I had a basic MVP done within a couple weeks, but then spent 12 months refining it on an inconsistent basis. For the last two weeks I finally buckled down and refined all of the major pieces enough to launch the app.

I challenged my family to a July pushup challenge and there’s more than ten of us participating in the challenge.

Check it out. If you have any questions or feedback, let me know.

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