Best WordPress Web Host

I’ve been using WordPress since 2008. Over the years, I’ve used almost all of the recommended WordPress web hosts. They all have their pluses and minuses, but my current favorite is a relative newcomer, Kinsta.

Out of the box, Kinsta sites are fast. There’s no need to tweak settings or install caching plugins, it just works.

Also, other WordPress managed hosts are starting to catch up, but Kinsta was one of the first to offer SSH access.

Kinsta also has a great admin dashboard, they provide top notch documentation, and their live support is amazing.

About a year ago I migrated a site to Kinsta and at midnight Pacific Time, their support staff helped me troubleshoot a complex redirect issue within minutes. In my experience, no other web host has come close to that level of support.

They’re also constantly adding new features such as support for ionCube Loader.

Kinsta isn’t cheap, but it’s a great option for any business or ecommerce website. If you’re confuse about the options or have any questions, reach out—I’m happy to help.

Kinsta Best Web Hosting